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One love, idi


16.4 miles...

to Brighton Beach and back.  My personal best is 45 minutes in one direction.  My personal goal is 30 mins in both directions.  Hahaha...but really, maybe by the end of the summer?

In the meantime, I am feeling my connections man!!!  Congrats to C-P Design Group...the Bed-Stuy brownstone is fabu!  Love, love, love the daylighting solution.  You've given me inspiration to want brownstone living...again.  Funny enough, while the mouldings, wainscotting, and banisters are being fancied up off-site I kinda like it that way: BARE | NaKED.  

History and all its ornamentation and ostentation is a beautiful thing, but not for me on a personal level.  Clean lines, open space, and nothingness is what I personally strive for.  For my clients, sometimes a different story.

...didn't I say to "create beauty from nothing..."?  Well I would like to add to that "...to see beauty in nothingness".

The projects are adding up as are the miles.  Personal and corporate goals are continually being set and re-set.  What's up with you?


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  1. good for you. going back to your Guyanese roots with the bicycle. Actually I would love to have one, but the terrain here is too hilly. Fetching it to flatter land would be too much hassle.
    Watch out with the calves--may get too hard or perhaps they may help with the dancing.
    The heat is really unbearable. by the end will probably have swallowed a lake.
    enjoy, love