Hi and welcome to the creative mind of Brooklyn-based interior design firm, Ishka Designs.
This blog allows you to peek behind the scenes of our design process; see the images, products, and events that inspire and motivate us. We are happily biased towards interior design topics with a sustainable undertone. With our international backgrounds, we definitely embrace a global perspective and influence. We hope you are inspired and sometimes provoked by our postings and we look forward to reading and responding to your comments!

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Silver styling?!?

A better way to display the fine silver...

Limitless Potential

I pass on the inspiration to you...


Moving in my mind

I dream of one day moving out of my pre-war studio apartment to something like this:

The only problem?  Leaving my wonderful neighbours and NYC!!!!  But even for a minute to indulge in dark wood floors, glass walls, luscious greenery, and minimalist living, could be worth the sacrifice :)

Have a blessed day!

ishka designs 


relationships of the vendor kind

Been absent for a while but its a good thing. It means I am BUSY!!! But busy does have its downside in a small operation, as it sometimes leaves us open for the smallest of mistakes that can somehow have the biggest impact. And that's why developing great relationships in this line of business is so important. Of course, the client relationship is key as without them there will be no design. But just as important are my vendors, old, new, preferred, and potential. And right now, I am loving the fabulous Jill Hubbard at MDC Wallcoverings. Not only does she share my birthday making her a wonderful lioness, but she just happens to be the best sales person I've ever worked with...from student right through the tough 1st year of entrepreneurship. I need to take a lesson out of your book Jill! You understand the true meaning of maintaining relationships/customer service and I definitely look forward to spec'ing whatever it is you are selling!!!

For those of you not in the know, check out the enormous selection of wallpaper, paint, etc. at mdcwall.com. Right now I am thrilled about their Papyrus series and the Bolta contract stuff. And might I add that the DRY ERASE paint is genius! Will soon be photographing recently completed phases on ongoing projects to give you an idea of how these products allow me to really set moods the ishkadesigns way. In the meantime, check out the ishkadesigns website to see how I've utilized MDC on past projects.

Stay warm and blessed,