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Excellent Retail design - 3.1 Phillip Lim / Leong Leong Architecture


The next best thing to fashion design is interior design! Wish I could've done this. Excellent collaboration on design sensibility, brand image, and the built environment.

3.1 Phillip Lim / Leong Leong Architecture
Posted By Karen Cilento On December 12, 2009 (20:00) In News, Retail


Iwan Baan

Leong Leong Architecture designed a 550 square meter store for 3.1 Phillip Lim in Cheongdam-Dong, Seoul's premiere fashion district. The store is characterized by the simultaneous need for sameness and difference. "Typically, the consistent repetition of brand traits is necessary to reinforce an identity, while novelty can refresh the aura and desire for the brand," explained the architects.

More photos by architectural photographer Iwan Baan, and more about the store after the break.


Painting again? Try these alternatives...

Paint can indeed change everything about a space. But so can texture! And we at Ishka Designs love texture...lots of it. So how about combining the two...yourself!?! Try these really creative alternatives to the same old concept:

from ZNAK!
from Vitrulan at Levine Calavano. Just apply to the wall and add your favorite color paint!

Or how about dry-erase paint from MDC Wall? Now doesn't that give you options?

We really like these products and are crazy about incorporating them all into upcoming projects. Images of Tebrasa by Idea Paint (MDC) in Long Island project coming soon!

So how's that for changing the look AND feel of a room?

Enjoy the weekend!

Cool mix of materials = beautiful home

Imagine views of the beautiful aqua blues of the Caribbean sea from this home. Designed by kidosaki.com

Have nice weekend!


Guggenheim's restaurant makeover

TMagazine of the NY Times highlights a beautiful example of integration of ideas, functionality, and surroundings in a restaurant design. A Kikoski designed space.

This makes it to Ishka Design's top list of restaurants to visit. We hope the food is good too!



Business Owner? Key Decision Maker?

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