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This blog allows you to peek behind the scenes of our design process; see the images, products, and events that inspire and motivate us. We are happily biased towards interior design topics with a sustainable undertone. With our international backgrounds, we definitely embrace a global perspective and influence. We hope you are inspired and sometimes provoked by our postings and we look forward to reading and responding to your comments!

One love, idi


Turquoise looks great with golds!

Maybe I was feeling a bit nostalgic for my homeland Jamaica with its stunningly clear turquoise waters and the wide ranging colours of sand? Maybe it was the thought of the imminent visit from my mom who would have her bags packed with all manner of Jamaican edibles? For whatever reason, I decided to go with the flow and recommend to a recent consult the 2010 trending colour of the year, turquoise.

After scouring the internet for cool turquoise concept images, I came across the coolest of them all! These combinations of turquoise, yellows, and gold are more than inspirational...wish it were my own space to play with. But alas.

I hope the client is equally as inspired and will work in the accents as successfully as I imagine in my head...really hope the resulting concept boards provide a good guideline.

Even threw in some oranges, reds and purples, and it still looks great!

Hope turqs and yellows inspires you.



Fly Alternative Studio Solutions

Yep. We are looking to expand this year and have been keeping our eyes out for that perfect studio solution. Here are just a couple options:

1. From architect Pier Hein Eek, a mobile studio. Ceilings could be higher and interior space would def need IDI's personal touch, but its a strong contender :)

Find rest of images here...http://newglobalwarmingeffects.com/

2. Thanks to the Kithaus, available from Design Within Reach I could design in some serious style.

Just need to work on where to set up shop...Brooklyn's Prospect Park? The gas station at the intersection of Lefferts, Washington and Flatbush in historical Lefferts Gardens? Hmmm. Actually, think I would prefer the roof top at 50 Lefferts. To ensure I get the Board's approval I would add a roof garden and eco-fy our pre-war beauty!

Now back to reality...



"Efficiently Beautiful" Eco Tip!

I love this one:

"Bring your own chopsticks!" ~ NB

photo credits: NiyaBas.com Photography; set styling: Ishka Designs Inc for indie movie

At our fave Vietnamese restaurant in China Town last eve, we couldn't help but comment again on the awesome and totally unhealthy salt & pepper shrimp, and more importantly the "community-style" setting of chopsticks and cutlery at each table. I definitely think re-usable chopsticks works just as well as cutlery. But why not bring YOUR OWN stylish wooden chopsticks to your next dine out experience?!? And if you're like me and totally in love with Asian culture, you will want to have a pair handy no matter if you are eating: stew fish, escoveitch, rice and peas, curried shrimp, grapes, pasta...

You get the point!


Upcoming photo shoot with NB

Looking forward to working with Niya Bascom Photography in the coming weeks to photograph our most recent bathroom design. The actual bathroom design is very linear, clean, and zen-like. So toying with either subtle accents of white with pop of flora or strong organic elements to feminize the space. Will def share what happens!

Look 1:
includes organic cotton towels, bamboo linen, and teak.

Look 2:includes organic cotton towels.

All in all, can't wait to get to the flower district to see what winter flora will inspire me...pity I don't have access to JA garden anymore. Regardless of direction, one thing is for sure, the West Elm mat stays :)

Keeping it "efficiently beautiful"

idi team!


What's your Tiny Ritual? - How do you make your home more homely?

Thanks to my tweet pal, tkpleslie for this great idea. I would love to know what small ritual you perform to make your home more homely? Here's mine:

As Ishka Designs grows, my work/live studio apt is becoming more work, less live. So to capture that homely feeling, I take 1 hour lunch breaks at "home", where I dedicate time to enjoy my meal and catch up on the latest episode of Lost, FlashForward, Damages...you get the point. That 1 hour dedication is like meditation and brings me sanity in an otherwise happily chaotic design world.

So what's your small ritual?



Our presentation invitations, Jamaica 01-10

Hand-made, organic from the garden no less. Unfortunately we didn't
photograph the set up but I promise you it was hot. Especially the
tablescapes and floral arrangements. Thanks to Onika and Board members
Lisa and Joan for making it happen!

Hiring Part-time Business Development Manager

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