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Materialistic: The air we share

I cannot believe its Tuesday again. Did we not just conceptualize this Materialistic Tuesday thing? Since life doesn't seem to want to stand still, our must-have products this week naturally focuses on movement. Air movement that is.

Clean air is important to us, as it should be. At some point in time, we've all taken a road-trip. Well isn't it amazing to experience that sudden blast of really crisp fresh air as you roll down your window, signaling that you are no longer in the city? Alarming is more like it, I think. As I type I ponder why I still choose city life over "country" - what we Jamaican folks like to refer to as anywhere outside the city or specifically, Kingston - do I not prefer clean air, cleaner streets, whiter sands, greener greens, or bluer beaches?

Well, at this point in time city life is still for me. I will endure smoggy air, impossible to keep clean window sills, and noise just to name a few. But I might be able tolerate it for a bit longer with the following items:

1. The Humanair, by Humanscale.

If you live in an urban environment, or near a heavily trafficked road, or work in a cubicle, or are exposed to anything that would pollute your air a tad faster than living in the middle of a rain forest, you've probably considered investing in an air purifier. While I've come across one or two that functions as beautifully as it looks, none seem to be designed for those spatially challenged spaces. Until now. The desktop Humanair's "...patented technology renders existing air purifiers obsolete, operating at a remarkably low wattage for far higher efficiency than other units. Plus, it operates in virtual silence while producing no harmful ozone or noticeable draft." Read more.

Considerate and scaled. Thanks Humanscale!

I grew up with louvred windows and a mom who believed in the virtues of cross ventilation. So now, living just off Flatbush in Brooklyn, I'd rather suffocate under stifling heat in the summer, excessive noise outside the window, and yep, the forever dirty sills, than purchase another ac unit. So while the existing $30 fan from Target still works, I look forward to the day I can upgrade to this bladeless beauty...or move to the country :)

These products ought to make your world more "efficiently beautiful".



  1. Good one. I was just shopping around last fall for that Humanair one for my Mum after hearing good things about it.

  2. B, did you buy it? How's it working out for her?