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This blog allows you to peek behind the scenes of our design process; see the images, products, and events that inspire and motivate us. We are happily biased towards interior design topics with a sustainable undertone. With our international backgrounds, we definitely embrace a global perspective and influence. We hope you are inspired and sometimes provoked by our postings and we look forward to reading and responding to your comments!

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Found on the street!

Found these vintage frames on the street. Can't wait to get my DIY on.
Thinking something fun...


Materialistic: Our Faves from the AD Home Show

Our favourites this year from the Architectural Digest Home Show in NY this past weekend were new and not so new, organic, hooked, recycled & repurposed, and even comical. And even though the forms varied, we realized that our choice few all had something of an "earthy-natural-organic vibe" to them.

Our select few for this materialistic Tuesday were well worth the swollen feet in my hot to death grey suede heels :) They are 1. the wonderfully flexible and organic end tables, Sael and Geo, from Isotrope Designs 2. Circle Factory's recycled skateboards turned art 3. these gorgeous American hooked rugs by New England Collection 4. these up-cycled "magazine" tables from Artists for Humanity AFH Boston 5. these beautiful art turned wallpaper from Eskayel and 6. what I consider, the sweetest tooth table around from Kieran Wood Works.

Image Source: isotropedesign.com

Image Source: circlefactory.com

Image Source: necrugs.com

Image Source: idi

Image Source: design-milk.com

Image Source: idi

Next Tuesday, I'll delve into the "other" favourites.



EHE ongoing...

A few before and after images of our favourite endodontics office. Phase I and II of IV...

With the addition of a few square feet in the back, our dentist was able to convert the front office to a patient meeting room and relocate her private office to the back.

We transformed the operatory into a calming oasis reminiscent of a waterside spa.

The new staff room in the back was maximized to accommodate up to 4 persons for lunch with room for lockers and computer storage.

*All after photos by NiyaBas.com Photography © 2010

For more of this transformation check out our project portfolio on our website. The dental office expansion and transformation is about 75% done. Hooray! But we anxiously await the completion of the waiting room, which is up next. The private office will be the last.

Can't wait to show you,


Materialistic: The Skinny on Rhythm

credits - photos: niyabas.com; design: ishkadesigns.com; jimmy pierre artwork

Today we've got a "little bit o' rhythm and a lot of soul" for you :) While some may choose to do the locomotion and others the two-step, I will happily reminisce on my debut "caught on camera" moment doing the early '90s phenomenon known as the butterfly...but back to the present. Since I cannot seem to make it back to the dance studio at all these days (and oh how the body has been affected) I often have to find my movement inspiration and spatial re-interpretations in not so obvious spaces.

So here's the skinny. One of the 7 principles of design is "rhythm and repetition". While repetition is easy to interpret, rhythm happens to be a lot less so...and I am sure a few of you can relate (haha!). Although the definition sounds straight forward "...[rhythm] is the repetition of elements in a regular pattern", I've found this principle (and only when it comes to design) to be a lot less straight forward.

sources: imakestudio.com; maleneb.com; artgallerycaribbean.com

But if you look carefully at our must-have products today I think you will notice a little bit o' rhythm happening both in the literal sense and in the not so literal design sense. I get a real sense of movement from the swell of the tabla ottomans by Brooklyn designers, imake studio as it picks up the beautiful rhythm of the wolof rug by Malene B., another incredible Brooklyn based designer. I am loving the not so skinny shape of the tabla set covered in gorgeous raw silks, Eri, Muga, and Paat, from the Himalayas. While the not so skinny shape of the wolof rug inspired by people of Senegal and the incredible music and dance that they produce.

To excite the literal sensibilities I found this fun piece of art by Jimmy Pierre which I believe literally embodies today's post heading. The piece appears to still be available at The Gallery of Caribbean Art.

Now don't you feel like dancing?


p.s. - if you want to know the story behind the "caught on camera"...just ask.