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Materialistic: Our Faves from the AD Home Show

Our favourites this year from the Architectural Digest Home Show in NY this past weekend were new and not so new, organic, hooked, recycled & repurposed, and even comical. And even though the forms varied, we realized that our choice few all had something of an "earthy-natural-organic vibe" to them.

Our select few for this materialistic Tuesday were well worth the swollen feet in my hot to death grey suede heels :) They are 1. the wonderfully flexible and organic end tables, Sael and Geo, from Isotrope Designs 2. Circle Factory's recycled skateboards turned art 3. these gorgeous American hooked rugs by New England Collection 4. these up-cycled "magazine" tables from Artists for Humanity AFH Boston 5. these beautiful art turned wallpaper from Eskayel and 6. what I consider, the sweetest tooth table around from Kieran Wood Works.

Image Source: isotropedesign.com

Image Source: circlefactory.com

Image Source: necrugs.com

Image Source: idi

Image Source: design-milk.com

Image Source: idi

Next Tuesday, I'll delve into the "other" favourites.


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