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One love, idi



Against my better judgement I indulged in a 5-star all-inclusive mega hotel in the Dominican Republic awhile back as I played bridesmaid to one of my favourite b-school friends turned client.  And while I must admit that 5-star has its perks, the true winner for the trip was the mega showers in the spa that felt like Dunns River Waterfalls on my head and shoulders.  I knew instantly that if I were to ever renovate my bathroom then I would have to find the perfect residential shower body to mirror this experience. 

Of course the conservative in me is a bit conflicted.  There is an ever pressing global need for water conservation and efficiency.  Currently my home in Kingston, Jamaica is suffering from urban mis-management and the lack of public administration’s attention to properly adapt infra-structure to a rapidly increasing population.  So this begs the question: can I indulge in the frivolous desire to wash my hair with something akin to a fireman’s hose??? 

And those rainfall showers, while very conservative, are admittedly for wimps. Who needs rainfall??? Give me waterfall dammit!!!  After all, these tresses of mine need some serious power washing on a regular basis and these shower body beauties might just do the trick:  

The Aqua Adagio by Jaclo

Jane Hamley Wells Waterfall Outdoor shower

Anyhow, it’s probably a good thing then that my own budget might limit my ability to recreate the force of Dunns River in my bathroom right now.  So while I continue to accumulate wealth, I strongly encourage those fixtures companies I so admire, Kohler, Watermark Designs, Hansgrohe, Jaclo, Jane Hamley Wells, etc. to please come up with a way to replicate that waterfall force in a residential setting AND allow me to happily conserve the water.  Why can’t we get the best of both worlds???

That 5-star hotel in DR (Paradisus Palma Real) at night

That 5-star hotel at dawn