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Bold Colour Abounds at Dance Africa

The BAM Dance Africa weekend delivered on an abundance of beauty and bold colour.  As usual, it often felt like less of a street fair and more of a fashion show featuring beautiful people in their finest summer ensembles from every walk of life.  After 3 hours of summer sun, I am browner and happier for having made my way through the larger than before bazaar and the multitude of booths.
I was a tad bit disappointed that there were so few hand-made jewelry and art booths. Despite that, there was definitely an oversupply of crafts, textiles and food.  Speaking of textiles, the colourful baskets above were in ready supply and my imagination is running wild with them...from entertaining possibilities to sculptural wall and ceiling art.  These well priced outdoor rugs from My Little India also added to the colourful spectacle.
Rugs from My Little india
While it was too hot for me to eat anything, I enjoyed downing not one but two flavoured lemonades, mango and blackberry, from Jakada.  Unfortunately the company doesn't sell direct to the consumer but is available at neigbourhood cafe's and restaurants.


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