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ICFF Favourites Part 2: Outdoor Styling

Its not necessary for outdoor furnishings to look like they belong in nature, but we cannot ignore the organic designs by Kenneth Cobonpue. The yoda chair caught our attention first with its tall reed like back, curvaceous seat, and ability to blend quite easily and elegantly into any landscape. It also has a very regal feel don’t you think? Our favorite piece from their collection, however, is the gorgeous croissant sofa and its equally sexy lounge chairs, made for indoors and outdoors.  And not to be outdone, we find the yin & yang collection equally compelling.
 photos source: kennethcobonpue.com

Having experienced the warmth, glow and UNWANTED smoke from the cast iron chiminea in a certain backyard, we happily welcome Cocoon’s fireplaces that use ethanol (go environment!) and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Love both the black and stainless steel versions and really feeling the option of legs or suspended. No smoke…yes!
photo source: cocoonfires.com

Amaridian probably deserves its own blog post given the size of its booth at the show! But I'll just focus on this outdoor chair that grabbed our immediate attention. Delicate but yet so strong don't you think? The wide array of contemporary furnishings and accessories were mouthwatering and the store deserves a visit when next you are in NYC. Defintely check out the rest of the company's products, all manufactured in Africa, focusing on pushing the design thinking but staying true to ancestral forms!
photo by NiyaBas.com

An aside, we are working to get a client's backyard together for some serious entertaining this summer.  Not sure if the above beauties will make it in, but we are excited by the prospects.

Look out for Part 3 in this series where we'll focus on furniture.



  1. Nice collections of chairs. I've got one too. Try browsing my site http://www.outdoorchairsmart.com/

  2. haha - those cocoon fires are nuts! The suspended one has my head going bonkers. Can't help but wonder how you'd design a room around that one!

  3. PS. I'm utterly inspired to say simply - you IS goooood at what you do honey. Dean Street a mad mi. Can't wait to see how you handle the outdoors.

    Do you ever get over to Janus et Cie? Great stuff there and one of my personal faves - Dedon, must be considered!