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What? The Caribbean at ICFF!

I am supposed to be waiting for all the pics to download, the brochures to get sorted and the feet to de-swell. But one of our last encounters today at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in NYC made me so happy, proud and hopeful, that I just couldn't wait to share. Introducing the New Caribbean Design - a collective of talented artisans from the Caribbean working together to facilitate export, production and sustainable skills. A lot of the processes that go into these products include ancient techniques handed down over the generations and preserved and perfected by craftsmen over time. 

Needless to say, I was truly elated to find that Jamaica had a couple of pieces on display including these gorgeous maroon baskets designed by Ivelyn Harris, sole proprietor of Nanny of the Maroons Traditional Crafts, and made from coconut palms.  Another stand out piece were these gorgeous open weave chairs from Guyana made of liana cane. 

image source: http://www.designboom.com
image source: http://www.northsouthproject.com

With all the insanity happening in my country Jamaica, I was so encouraged to see that collaboration, foresight, and talent sill permeates between our fellow Caribbean nations at the design level and not just sports and music.  In my humble opinion, there is serious talent at the industrial level just waiting to be discovered there and I can only hope that collectives such as these continue to arise and develop to allow design to reach the next level.

That's it for now.  Back to the pile of brochures and images to find the other pieces that I can't stop thinking about.

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  1. i love the Guyanese pieces; ok I am biased, but seriously I do. Perhaps you should one day share how truly Caribbean you are.

  2. jacqueline lamont5/26/10, 11:29 AM

    love the baskets