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Gol!!!!! Found Just in Time for World Cup

Art & Design. My two favourite subjects. Now add a third: World Cup Football, and we have something of a great post. Check out these images by Jens Heilman found in the New York Times recently. Without the balls, we wouldn't have the game:
See rest of images here and here.

And if the gorgeous flashback on the ball evolution wasn't enough, check out these amazingly inspired sculptures by artist Diem Chau found on notcot.org

If you were born outside of the US, then chances are you are a football fanatic! And while my "stay" in the US has diminished my fervor ever so slightly, I still can't help but get excited about the FIFA World Cup 2010 being played in South Africa this year.  I would love to be there right now staying at the gorgeous Molori Safari Lodge.  And yes, I would commute back and forth across the safari just to rest my head here every night:
Don't you wish you were in South Africa now too?

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  1. Jacqueline Lamont6/14/10, 12:43 PM

    I need a ticket to the lodge immediately!!!