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World Cup Focus: Brazil

Photo source: www.seekingalpha.com
I must visit Sao Paolo again, if just to go shopping/socializing at Clube Chocolate, designed by Brazillian architect Isey Weinfeld.  This 3-storey shopping mall-restaurant-bar oasis is just drool worthy. From the brilliance of the understated yet sumptuous fa├žade to the splendid palms sunk into sand, its just beautiful.
image source: http://www.arqbrasil.com.br/_arq/isay_weinfeld/isay_weinfeld_club.htm

I feel like my design style is heading in this direction, matching the generous use of wood, earth (in the case of Clube Chocolate, sand), and plantings in a zen like atmosphere. His designs have these ideas permeating throughout and it just feels like how I want every Ishka Design'ed space to be. A more carefully planned return to Brazil will include Sao Paolo again, Bahia, and of course any football game, preferrably national :)  So unto the world cup...

Photo sources: www.bbc.co.uk & www.zicosoccercamp.com

As far back as I can recall, football has been very important in my life and my country. My earliest recollection of the game begins with the all time great, Pele, "O Rei". While I am not old enough to have witnessed his World Cup feats live, its a name I've known practically all my life.  My family were football junkies and Brazillian fans, and so I too, from a very tender age, became fascinated with the game and that South American country. The admiration spread to Zico, then Romario and Bebeto, and at the turn of the century, Ronaldinho and Ronaldo. While I am not sure if the team will actually win the Cup this year given the threat of Germany and Argentina, its hard for me to not start off this blog series with any other country other than Brazil!

I was fortunate enough to actually visit Brazil a few years back. I was struck by the vastness of the rural landscape, the massive boulders on the breathtaking beaches, the brutalism and constructivism of the urban landscape in Sao Paolo, and the beautiful graffiti contrasted against the overwhelming poverty in Rio.
I see how Mr. Weinfeld can't help but incorporate these palm trees (they are everywhere)...

and the sand...

and those rocks! (ignoring the Argentines and Brazillians for a minute)

Apart from the cute capoeira artist, my fondest Brazillian memory was skydiving over Rio.  Fear aside, it is one of the most peaceful things I've ever done in my life.  There were a few disappointments however, including not witnessing any football game up close and personal, not buying enough swimwear, and not experiencing more design in person.  All real tragedies, which definitely warrant a return.

We even ventured over the water...AWESOME!!!!

Up next, Germany.

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  1. I love it! I need to go back there as well! :-)

  2. I guess travel plans are in order!!

  3. I agree with Ro. I missed Rio and the skydiving; too much raw natural beauty to see; awesome indeed.

  4. Okay - somehow I missed this one... I am still picking up my jaw from staring at the skydiving pic. Ishka I had NO IDEA you were this brave!!! I officially am fantasizing about an adventure trip with you now, and Justin, and making time for non-prescription glasses shopping too of course. *wink.

    Germany you say - let me know, I'd be happy to show around those parts! But ever consider Costa Rica - unbelievable country you know - with ecological wonders, adventure thrills, and it's one of the fore-runners of environmental living in the world - it's literally their culture! The place is SO beautiful. Dunno about futbol there tho... sorry for the long stray off topic. lol