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Backyard Quickie

Take your mind out of the gutter! Or at least the french drain. We just wanted to give you a quick glimpse of the before and after pics of the backyard landscape design we completed a few weeks ago.

Views from the deck...

A much better view from the deck!

These were taken with a point & shoot and the iphone. So we definitely cannot wait to have Niya B. shoot it for real in the next couple of weeks or so...giving the plantings time to truly fill out :)

For those of you who like hearing about our process, we will be posting a 4-part series on this project, from concept to fruition, complete with images, etc. Interested?

Let us know what you think...!



  1. definitely. keep it comin'. looks good.

  2. Looks Fabulous! Speaking of gutters. I recently saw a back yard that used the gutter run offs to keep the garden watered. The gutter isn't so bad :-)

  3. Thanks guys! @Ray-Lee - we are installing a rain barrel shortly. So yes, gutters are good :)

  4. very nice! you worked in loads of seating in a such a small space without it feeling cramped..

  5. Thats really F N nice .. when is the BBQ...j/k but on the real I so wish that was my backyard !!