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The Solution: An Inspired Rock Garden

at dusk.
"rock garden | flexible/multiple seating | sophisticated entertaining"

Achieved.  Well, we've been dying to get to this final post.  Hope you've been too.  Please, take a "journey" through our first backyard project of the summer finished (in 3 days) in time to start those dog days off with a bang.

All photos by NiyaBas.com Photography
For the full album and greater detail click here.

Well we've been over to the space as guests (and designers too) several times since this installation and its working like a charm.  From what we've been told, even with all the seating options provided, our clients still needed to haul out the reserves on one occasion :) But besides that, our "extreme-entertainers/low-maintenance" clients appear quite content with their newly designed backyard.

Thanks for tagging along on our first outdoor adventure for the summer. Click on phase 1, phase 2, and phase 3 to see how we got here.



  1. Beautifully done. I love it!

  2. indeed - beautiful. the photos were a bit confusing to match up, but the final results are indeed stupendously stunning. and 3 days you say??? that makes it all the more impressive Anishka - I'm floored by this effort. Big things in the future for you, that is certain.

  3. Finished backyard looks great guys. What was the actual size of the space you had to work with? It's hard to tell from the pics but it looks like you managed to fit alot in. Anymore outdoor projects planned?

  4. Lovely! So glad you shared the different phases as well. Great transformation!

  5. so proud of you both, hope it will always be a thing of beauty to enjoy at all times.

  6. I love the suspense, but I love the reveal the most. What a beautiful and tranquil space you created!! Wonderful!! You still owe me a call.
    Whenever. So proud of you. Keep doing you!!