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Landscape Project No. 2 - I just can't decide...

Kudos to NiyaBas.com Photography
Seriously.  We had to do a re-shoot cause this backyard space just kept getting better.  We decided to spray the large pickle barrel (the one with the smoke tree) a glossy black to complement the ceramic pots housing the eunomyous shrubs.  And we waited to get the rainbarrel in, though I am not sure you can see it on our website.  It's there though, trust me!  Finally, we decided to throw in a couple of pillows that were laying about and now we are ready.  Apologies for the delay in getting these AWESOME pictures to you since last we posted, but we think it was worth the wait.  I personally am so in love with so many of the shots, much having roughly the same perspective that I simply couldn't decide.  So when you visit the full project on our website and you feel it's a tad monotonous, my apologies, but seriously I just couldn't decide.  Here are a few teaser shots...
Now see the full project here: ishkadesigns.com!

So were we lying? Was it worth the wait? :)


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  1. It was! Love what you did with the pebbles between the paving slabs especially.