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Before & After: Then & Now

Some time ago, we were asked by a client to recommend changing out the tiles in her master bathroom or keep as is.  There was white marble everywhere, floor to ceiling and all up in the tub, and while my conscience would kill me after, we decided to renovate.
before - floor to ceiling marble everywhere
Despite some major hiccups along the way (and I mean hiccups of the epic kind), we produced a very clean design that we think complimented the beautiful layout.  We are still very much agog over the separate shower, standalone tub, and the double vanities.  Love all the modern details.  Unfortunately, we didn't shoot this for portfolio purposes, though we really wish we had.
after...in addition to new tiles, we added a shelf in both tub and shower area
before view of vanity and light fixture
after...changed out light fixtures in vanity areas as well as shower head and tiles
photography by NiyaBas.com Photography
So why the guilty conscience?

1. Missed opportunity.  This project was one of the firsts for IDI.  As such proper documentation of in-progress work (photography) was not a priority for us, waiting instead for total completion.  As a result, we missed the boat when the client decided to shelve the project half way.  Though we have some bathroom images to show, there were a few more spaces throughout the home that were never photographed.
2. Totally environmentally "unconscious".  Our biggest issue lay in the fact that we agreed to renovate the bathroom.  Despite its unattractive appearance, there was nothing technically wrong with the bathroom.  It just was unattractive to both the client and us.  The client more so.  In retrospect, could we have waited for the first signs of deterioration to renovate? Yes.
3. Waste.  Where did all that marble go?  I'm not sure.  And did we really have to get rid of all of it? Could we have kept the existing tub cover, at a minimum? Yes.

Lessons learned from this project have been applied to all projects since then.  The biggest of all is we are being a lot more conscious of our carbon footprint now.

Side note: our current clients fell in love with the above accent tiles so we are working with them again.  But we paired it with a new combination of tiles for a totally different feel.  More anon.



  1. never static, always evolving - so goes the journey. as for the images you do have here - i quite like the detail around the window...

  2. Nice to see that you are conscious about the missed opportunities, truly a mark of growth! Great work, keep it up. Love your elegant and understated style, typical Leo! Way to go. Love, Bharti

  3. oh! Anishka - i just saw you on linkedIn, which brought me here ;-) anyway, i hope you are well and i like your design blog. we should hang oout w/ berette sometimes together b/f she goes off again, xx

  4. Great job!!!! My goodness that was a lot of marble.