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A cozy corner

images by NiyaBas.com photography
It's really rainy today.  Misty, mysterious, and reflective.  The perfect day to find a cozy corner, snuggle up with a warm alpaca blanket from D. Bryant Archie Textiles and read a good book - maybe a well worn favorite by Paulo Coelho.  Yea, I realize it's Tuesday.  But for us in the freelance world, sometimes Tuesdays are our Sundays.  
blanket by dbryantarchie.com; The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho; hot chocolate by MarieBelle; chocolate tea by St. Mary's Cooperative 
So where better to snuggle up than in this charming corner vignette styled by IDI featuring this vintage bergère, re-upholstered in rich chocolate-y chenille from Kravet.
our favourite cozy corner
close-up of fab Kravet fabric
we refinished the wood with a glossy neutral to pick up the tiny dots in the chocolate fabric
images by NiyaBas.com Photography
Speaking of chocolate, maybe we should also cozy up with a pint sized steamy cup of thick hot chocolate from Mariebelle café in SoHo, or a cup made from scratch using only the best Jamaican chocolate from St. Mary Cooperative*.  Either way, add a touch of your favorite liqueur, and we are well on our way to dreaming of endless possibilities, successes, and perfect escapes.
*Sidenote: On my mission to find a fantastic image of Jamaican hot chocolate I came across this amazing post on St. Mary's Co-operative: sustainable tourism in Jamaica providing jobs for women. KUDOS!

Stay warm and cozy,


  1. Yes, sometimes Tuesdays are our Sundays and our 5 o'clocks are sometimes midnight. I wouldn't trade it for the world.

  2. I so want to grab my book and chill in the corner vignette...i want that chair!! beautiful work...as always.

  3. Beautiful tranquil scenery, and peaceful retreat at home. Love the idea of Tuesdays being Sundays, wish everyday could be Sunday. Great work, proud of your accomplishments! Love, Bharti

  4. You captured the mood perfectly.. love to spend some time in that gorgeous corner!

  5. Hectic day but this entry definitely took the edge off.. can you say - visual relaxation.

  6. Deborah Javier12/2/10, 3:01 PM

    There is so much beauty in a simple rainy day...beautiful!

  7. I'm so drawn to the second pic in the park. Trying to figure out from what angle it was taken. Is it from the inside of a tunnel looking up to the sky? No, it's a reflection in a puddle. But the circle is so perfect. Could it really be a puddle? I'm still not sure but I love the pic.

  8. Thanks everyone for all the awesome comments! Aside from "visual relaxation" and beautiful fabrics on vintage chairs, we enjoyed taking the top 3 images in the pouring rain to capture the essence of the post. Glad you all were inspired :)

  9. Those images though lovely looked so cold and dreary! Your cozy corners definitely was needed. I am in love with that chair and space sweet!
    Nice Ishka:)