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This blog allows you to peek behind the scenes of our design process; see the images, products, and events that inspire and motivate us. We are happily biased towards interior design topics with a sustainable undertone. With our international backgrounds, we definitely embrace a global perspective and influence. We hope you are inspired and sometimes provoked by our postings and we look forward to reading and responding to your comments!

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I'd like to thank...

...our supportive family and our ador...excuse me...what?  We didn't win???  Crap.  Guess I'll save the acceptance speech for next year.  
NB's reaction says it all...LOL!!!
Jokes aside, we really want to thank all our loyal supporters who voted at least once during the Jamaica Blog Awards competition for Ishka Designs in the category of Best Overseas Jamaican Blog.  You all ROCK!!!  The top choice in our category went to a photography blog out of London, HR Gallery, authored by Henry my newest friend on twitter.  Check out his blog when you get a chance.  The competition to say the least, was an awesome and truly fun experience.  I've met so many new Jamaican folk, all with a point of view to share via their own blog and on twitter.  Some of these include Lead and Lens, Yaadinfo, and Experience Aurie.  Most of the blogs I voted for did not win in their category... I suppose the judges and I have a different expectation of what makes a great blog, including content, diversity, and overall aesthetics.  That aside, I do want to congratulate our awesome client My Elite Grocer, for taking the Best Food Blog category. Go Gayle!  

Overall, I give the team of the Jamaica Blog Award a big fat A for effort and a B for execution.  It's their first ceremony and there is definitely room for improvement.  What stood out was their ability to get quality sponsorship (half the battle), the appealing website (Creative Engine Jamaica) and graphics (Impressive Design Studio), and the length of the actual ceremony.  My biggest issue was with the poor audio/visual livestream.  What a mess!  If I had a TV I would've switched over to the Golden Globes in a heartbeat, as my best friend and mom were happily texting me the blow by blow, not to mention watching the hashtag on twitter.

BTW, apparently Ishka Designs was well represented at the awards ceremony from a visual stand point, by mom and best friend.  If I get a pic of the well-dressed crew, I'll post.

Speaking of fashionistas and the Golden Globes, did anyone catch Sandra Bullock's stunning dress???  Ok, so I've touched on fashion once or twice before on this blog and despite it being one of my passions, I've managed to keep it at bay.  But when I saw that dress, oh the inspiration!!! I immediately combed the web for the designer.  What a true pleasure to see that the dress was not a one hit wonder but a prelude to some stunning consistent designs out of London!  I now need to fill the calendar with event after event and get Jenny Packham to sponsor Ishka Designs :)  Oh how I wish.  Hope you enjoy her spring 2011 RTW collection as much as I do...


They are all my favourites, but the first 3 images (especially the jumpsuit) I am eagerly assigning to upcoming events on the calendar.  At least in my dreams! I think Jenny and Ishka would make an awesome collab...don't you?



  1. Sorry you didn't win this year Anishka, but I look forward to voting for you at the 2011 awards!

  2. Oh definitely you two would make a great time. Loving that jumpsuit as well.
    I agree the JaBlog Awards did a good job looking for big things next year. Like you alot of the people i was rooting for didn't get through. so it go.
    Love the post

  3. @QBF - CONGRATS on winning not one, but 2 awards!!! That's really awesome :)

    @Gayle - thanks hun. Just need to get Jenny Packham to agree too :)

  4. I saw Sandra Bullock's dress and when she said "Jenny Packham". Pretty cool...start a Twitter campaign, I'll RT all day long for you ;)

  5. Enjoyed reading. A sense of humour - who knew??? :}