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be s"TEAL" my heart

Last week we were crushing on red, today our hearts have been stolen by TEAL.  And so what if it was soooo 2010, I really can't get enough thanks to Gucci's fall collection below:
Teal never looked so good as in the Fall 2011 collection for Gucci. Combined with olive green, sky blue, and navy, teal is to-die-for. These colors would make one hot-to-death interior palette.
Source: Catwalking photography for NY Times
and some other really beautiful inspired finds in all ranges of teal...
From top left 1. Gucci Fall 2011 2. we adore this teal chinoiserie wallpaper, as seen on designsponge.com 3. glass tile, glasstilehome.com 4. deer damask wallpaper, wallpapercollective.com 5. jade drum stool, mecoxgardens.com 6. english glass lamps, 1stdibs.com 7. olive green ottoman, jonathanadler.com 8. david flower 2 wallpaper, anna-hill.co.uk 9. bugs and butterflies wallpaper, wallpapercollective.com
The Gucci collection wasn't all about teal, there were some other fab colour combos too including plums, rusts, and mustards, all of which have got our juices flowing.  This collection is on our inspiration board, in our heads, and hopefully in our next designs...has it inspired you?



  1. Gucci's palette is so fresh - it brings teal to another level, doesn't it? Everyone should be loving their own colors, and not worrying so much about whether it's current - I'll still like teal in five years, when it's declared "out" - x

  2. I think it's about the combination. Pairing it with grey and olive...is as the British say- smart.

  3. @Anne I couldn't agree more. Never one to follow a trend, but more what speaks to me. And if teal continues to speak volumes down the road so be it.

    @Sana - absolutely. Last year the color combo was gold, this year it's olive, next year it's red. At the end of the day we can make anything seem fresh by pairing it with something new this year.

    Thanks for the comments laidies!

  4. Yes, it is gorgeous - and I loved it in the 80's, too!

  5. I love teal - wore it today!