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Cellar Project: Work commences

After much contemplation, our clients decided to forego the polished concrete floors mentioned in our previous post on this cellar project.  Boohoo.  But really it was our fault, as we introduced a gorgeous tile into the equation that totally rocked the boat. As was to be expected the clients were sold on this new tile.  The result: a new design direction for the project.  Think very crisp and clean, like a brand new white button-up.  We eliminated most of the rough aesthetic too, but hung unto the idea of the white and textured concrete.
mixing concrete on-site. photo: Niya Bascom Photography
With decisions finalized, materials were ordered and the work begun!  Materials arrived and the 4-man work crew commenced operations.  Electrician, masons, and a tiler.  Things moved extremely quickly til a leak was discovered, holding up progress a couple of days.
materials arrive on a still snowy day in NYC; photo by: Niya Bascom Photography
photo by: Niya Bascom Photography
photo by: Niya Bascom Photography
In the meantime, the millwork design was an on-going collaboration between our clients and the AV guy.  Unfortunately, this too delayed the project a tad, but we finally fleshed it out with minimal impact on the existing work, except for a few outlet relocations.

Who said design is a static process???

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