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One love, idi


Functional Art Part 1: AD Home Show 2011

That's it.  I am definitely a glutton for punishment.  I am the one who always falls in love when there is no hope of reciprocation.  I mean, how can a piece of furniture or a finely worked sculpture love you back?  While I silently ponder my own selfish needs for reciprocity, let me simultaneously introduce you to the work of Palo Samko displayed at the Architectural Digest Show here in NYC this past weekend.
left: Palo Samko Display at ADShow2011, photo by NiyaBascom Photography | nightstand; source: palosamko.com
Definitely not new to the scene, Brooklyn-based "woodworker", as Palo Samko calls himself (we call him artist) works out of the Brooklyn Navy Yard creating furniture that have an extra-ordinary attention to detail not always present in contemporary pieces.  The beauty of Palo Samko's work is really in the finishing touches.  From an interestingly modern take on a turned leg to the metal or leather pulls on his cabinets and lamps, his designs are well considered and appropriately stunning.  Whymsical too - take the "time machine" scene sunk into the massive dining table on display at the show or the juxtaposition of a teeny tiny sculpted chair beside his beautiful wood desk with a metal encased leg.  Needless to say his work is inspiring to me and definitely worthy of being called art.  I would love to own (oops, there's that word again) and/or specify Mr. Samko's pieces for a project and I look forward to either day.
Shepherd Table; source: palosamko.com
Compass Table; source: palosamko.com
left: Palo Samko sculpture, palosamko.com | right: Palo Samko clocks on display at AD Show, photo: NiyaBascom Photography
Breakfast table; source: palosamko.com | Rosewood Credenza; source: palosamko.com
Check out more of his work here.  So am I right to be in love?



  1. Oh wow... What an imagination he has! And an aesthetically beautiful one, too. I'm so happy your blogging this - I would have hated to have missed out. Thank you!

  2. Yes, Idi you are so right to be in love! Truly gorgeous. I just love handmade!

  3. Thanks ladies! I especially knew this one would hit home for the interior designers :)


  4. I would have to say YES! awesome! in love with the breakfast table and chair! ohh and the compass table .... sigh