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Orley & Shabahang: AD Home Show 2011

Images sourced from: shabahangcarpets.com 
I turned the corner and fell in love.  Some of the persian rugs hanging from the walls were unlike anything I'd seen before.  The designs were graphic, bold and the colorways so harmonious.  Half of the Orley & Shabahang team was on hand to give us a historical perspective on the company and their process.  And if that was not enough to convince you that these were indeed exquisite works of art, then the coffee table bound look book would've done it.

(L) image source: shabahangcarpets.com (center and right) images on display at AD Show: Niya Bascom Photography
Even more breathtaking were a few of the pieces that looked richly coloured but were actually combinations of the natural colours of the sheep's wool.  Given the incredibly soft hand from 100% sheep's wool and the palatable price point, I look forward to working with this manufacturer in the near future.
No dye carpets. (L) image: shabahangcarpets.com (R) on display at AD Show 2011, photo by Niya Bascom Photography

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  1. I'm in love with that whole second row... wow! Great find...