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Tell Your Story

Anishka & mom. Photo by Niya Bascom Photography
Yesterday was a long day, less about work for a change and more focused on family.  I spent most of it in Long Island, half the day killing time at the immigration office and the other half trying not to get lost amongst the gorgeous homes in the suburbs.  Eventually made it back to Brooklyn in time for drinks in Tribeca at the stylishly simplistic bar, Weather Up, joined by mom, NB and our new friend, colleague and excellent personal stylist, Kalyn Johnson.  Check out her site when you have a chance, we have a lot in common!
Weather Up. Not pictured here but had me very intrigued was the ram's head taxidermy juxtaposed against the clean white walls of the restaurant. Photo source: nybarfly.com; Credit: The Gothamist
Starved, we eventually wandered past the beautiful court houses of downtown Manhattan to grab a late night meal at our favourite Chinatown restaurant nestled comfortably between several bail bond offices.  Yes, with all the excursions around NY and the glaring differences of our destinations, the irony of ending up at our guilty indulgence in gritty Chinatown was quite interesting.
Chinatown. Niya Bascom Photography
Even more interesting was happening upon this pop-up booth sitting quietly in the middle of Foley Square, opposite the Supreme Court building.  Besides my ongoing fascination with pop-up shops and booths, the words sprawled across its glass walls really spoke to me...

love this.
write our own history.
So powerful!  The booth belongs to the Story Corps organization, and was originally located at the WTC path station in 2005.  Ok...so why am I only now seeing this???  Anyhow, the organization is an independent nonprofit whose mission is to provide Americans of all backgrounds and beliefs with the opportunity to record, share, and preserve the stories of their lives.  Such a great idea to have the actual people record their own history as opposed to someone else's interpretation of it.  Even more interesting is that our day began and ended with the same context in mind...from the journey to the Long Island immigration office and ending up in one of the largest ethnic neighbourhoods in New York City.  Beyond that my journey really began in India and Africa, through the Caribbean and ending up here.  We all have a story to tell about who we are and where we came from...
Photo: Niya Bascom Photography
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  1. Well written. Thanks so much for sharing. You were most descriptive and I felt as though I was a voyeur to your day. :-)
    We do all have a story to tell and we should tell it in every way possible...through words, our bodies (dance), music, art, design etc :-)
    We need to tell it so that it is not lost and those who come after will know of us.

  2. Thanks Natasha! I really enjoyed writing this. And you are so correct...we've been telling our stories in all forms and I am glad I got to write/dance a part of that story with you at School of Dance!

    anishka | Ishka Designs
    "efficiently beautiful interiors"

  3. Beautiful Ishka,

    What a lovely post. I adore seeing the photo of you and your mom. She too is such a beautiful lady.

    Great post!!!! It's so important to take a moment to study and reflect on our own 'heritage'. To take a second to remember those who led the way to our 'being'.

    Looking forward to seeing you soon. Be blessed.

    Best regards,


  4. I have been wanting to do a Story Crop with my dad-Maybe now I will actually do it!

  5. Anishka -

    It was so good to hang out with you guys last night! I feel lots of good synergies. And, I had no idea Story Corps is around the corner - I will definitely have to make my way over there. Thanks for your kind words!

    Stylishly yours,

  6. What a lovely post Anishka! Your Mom is such a beauty...great genes run strong. Interested to learn more about Story Corps. Thanks so much for the introduction~

  7. Thanks everyone for the kind and encouraging words. I haven't done a truly personal post in a bit, and just was inspired to do so this morning! Love that you all appreciate it and some even inspired by it. So rewarding.


  8. Beautiful picture of you and AJ. Can see the joy both in your faces and your surroundings. Great narrative with wonderful ending about the past and its link to the present. Eloquent and simple, yet powerful; nice writing. Love to A JA and yourself. Bharti

  9. speechless and full of mindful responses. i love posts like this - of course, since i live for story, introspection, retrospection, and evolution. I remember hearing about Story Corps - but thought it was for 5 mins and gone. Thanks so much for linking that here. Thank god for orgs like these.

    And the pic of you and your mom - S T U N N I N G

  10. Natalie Rose4/16/11, 8:41 AM

    Aniska - I can feel the love between you and your mother, just by looking at the photos. This piece is truly amazing. Continue sharing your story.

    One Love,

  11. Awesome!
    Love both pics of you and your Mum beautiful.

    Listening is an act of love... love it! Wish I could visit the pop -up :( oh well

    Keep good

  12. perfect pic of you and your mum. even tho you said it was a long day. It looks like it was a very good one too.