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Plumb Street: Before & After

Plumb St. Project. Photos by: Niya Bascom Photography
A few weeks ago we finally specified the last item for our Plumb Street project.  What a process it has been.  It was almost a year ago, that we rode our bikes down to meet our lovely clients, their 3 kids and the upheaval that had already begun at their home.  Asked to provide space plan solutions for the basement and kitchen, design solutions for the bathrooms and master bedroom, and lighting plans and fixtures for all, we began the project in earnest excited by the prospects.  This was our first major residential project that did not include furniture selection, just space planning and finishes, fixtures and fittings selection.

Our kitchen design solution incorporating all storage and equipment needs of client.  The kitchen is the most impressive room in the house.  The husband is in the restaurant business...can you tell? 
One of the 3 bathroom finishes selection
Trying to choose the perfect medium tone for the bathroom vanity...can you see a difference? :)
Demolition was underway our first day on site, as the architect approved drawings had the construction crew extending the back of the house approximately 12 feet and the front of the house on the second level a few extra feet.  All of which meant their kitchen would more than double in size, the basement could get a home office and a more spacious laundry area, and that there would be enough room for a master bathroom on the second floor.
Top: Basement Solution featuring rec room, home office, and spacious laundry room; Bottom: Ground Floor Solution
Aside from lengthy time delays with construction and millwork that continued beyond our final photoshoot, the project went pretty much as expected and the results...well let's just say I want to give our clients the biggest hug ever for their extremely kind words.  I know they will be surprised to read this but despite the completely opposite tastes of the husband and wife and as you can imagine the many hours of compromise that ensued, they were amazing to work with and the challenge to convince one or the other and sometimes both was in the end worth all the time consuming effort.

Over the next couple of blog posts we will show how this process unfolded for those interested.  But below are the before and after shots.  Hope you appreciate the transformation as much as we do.
Master Bedroom Before: Looking into the bedroom shared with their little girl.
Master Bedroom After featuring grasscloth wallpaper, arch window and no baby bed :) The extension at the back of the house allows their baby girl to have her own room.  (Styling by yours truly)
Master Bedroom Before
Master Bedroom After with new giant arch window, grasscloth wallpaper, wood panel accents and layered lighting solution.
Bathroom Before
Master Bathroom After: the architect managed to squeeze in extra sf for a master bathroom, the rest was left up to us. The new bathroom features our custom designed walnut vanity with leather pull handles and waterfall corian top, axor fixtures, and glass tile.
Kitchen Before looking from back door
Kitchen After looking from back doors featuring 10' island, 9' wide pantry (right of pic), custom cabinetry and Kenmore Elite appliances
Kitchen Before looking from living room
Kitchen After looking from living room: maximized the additional 100+ sf with 9' pantry (not shown), island to seat 7 - 8, french doors (with unfinished screens), and tiny bar sink facing in-wall TV (also not shown)
Stairwell Before leading to basement
Stairwell After: newly designed staircase made from white oak (glass banister to be installed soon) with textured sand wallpaper from MDC Wallcoverings
Basement Bath Before
Basement Bath After featuring recycled content tiles that lead from basement, corian counter top and custom cabinetry.
Basement Before 
Basement After featuring over 100 additional sf to include new home office leading off hallway and spacious laundry area  and boiler room at the end.  Storage wall in foreground conceals water main access.  Recycled tiles on floor throughout.
Living Room and Staircase Before
Living Room After featuring open staircase made of white oak (glass banister to be installed soon), walnut floors and larger windows.
All colour images taken by Niya Bascom Photography with black and white photos provided by clients. We want to give a huge thanks to them for allowing us to share these with you all and most of all our hard-working team!

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  1. Beautifully done! LOve love wish I had money I'll fly you over to redo our house :D

  2. looks gorgeous!!! i especially love that huge island in the kitchen for dining - brilliant! they must be in LOVE with their new bedroom too!!

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  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you everyone!!! All the awesome comments mean a ton to us :))))

    anishka & niya

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  7. Hi Anishka and Niya,

    The Kitchen wonderful, I can tell that you paid attention to every detail..the entire project looks amazing. Your client's must be so very happy with the results... congrats!!!
    Ric Watts, Robert Allen Design Showroom

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  13. To all those who commented on Anishka's work on Plumb Street, George and Brenda would like to say that her designing technique is above and beyond amazing. First of all she is an incredible person to work with. We are glad we chose her as our designer. Believe me there were doubts in my mine...but she changed all that. We love on what she has done to our home. Anishka not only does her job just to design, she goes out of her way to give you what you want, and that she has done for us. If I ever get my "Beach Home," I would call her in a heart beat...Thank you soooo much !

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    I saw you on Monday night, but had to leave early so I didn't get a chance to say hello. I look forward to talking with you the next time!

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    STUNNIING work! I love the light quality throughout the home. And oh yes! I want that kitchen island too! You all did an amazing job.

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