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We are featured in NY Spaces Magazine's Oct 2012 Issue!

NY Space Magazine Oct 2012 Issue.  We are featured on page 136!  Go get your copy.
Pop the bottle, sprinkle the confetti!  We are celebrating the fact that one of our most recent projects is currently featured in a four page spread in the awesome NY Spaces magazine's October 2012 issue.  It is their popular Art Issue.  And all the photos were taken by our Niya Bascom.  AND they used our client's dining area close up for the opening of the well section!  So if you have a moment, go get your copy and help us celebrate.

One of our favourite photos of our project.  Artwork by Jamal Ince. Photo by Niya Bascom
Special shout out to all the amazing folks who worked with us on this project, including Nick Knacks Creative (contractor), Khem Brady (painter), 33 Woodwork (master carpenter), From The Source (custom furnishings), Jamal Ince (dope artist) and Sana Keefer (stylist).


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    1. Thanks D. Bryant Archie Textiles! Your pillow makes the place even more fabulous. Thanks a million.

  2. I'll keep saying it so I have "told you so" bragging rights - your own show is coming. I'm telling you - I feel it. Big congrats again - as usual - yawn - lol. Press for you is like a fait accompli at this point. xoxo

    1. Hey Berri, thanks again for the vote of confidence. And before you have people thinking getting published is easy for us...nothing is further from the truth!!!! But I love your kind words lady. Keep 'em coming.


  3. Seriously beautiful, great job... Sorry couldnt make last night, had a class, thought it was for tonite.
    Can't wait to spread the word... Even greater things to come.

  4. Cyn! You guys were missed last night. Thanks and thanks and thanks :)

  5. Fabulous! Print on those chairs is killer. Ditto on the artwork and finishes. Kudos on an amazing feature.

    1. Love to get great feedback from talented designers! Thanks so much :)

  6. Ishka, just adore this space. I have to say, I was absolutely tickled pink seeing the delight on your face - the first time you saw this issue. It felt like Christmas! So proud of you. What a wonderful and talented spirit you are.



    1. You know I will never get tired of hearing your compliments Joy! You are definitely a rockstar interior designer that I am truly happy to call a friend and inspiration. As you can tell, Niya and I are both humbled and excited by this print feature.

      Stay special!


  7. Nick Knacks Creative Interiors9/30/12, 7:59 AM

    Stunning as always guys!!! Thanks for the Nick Knacks Creative Interiors shout out as well!! We loved working with you on this great project.

    Keep on doing it!!