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Latest Project: A Kitchen Refreshed!

All photos by Niya Bascom Photography

Might be a bit too late to say happy new year, but we are at least happy to share our latest completed project - a kitchen and mudroom refresher.  Pardon our lack of humility but we LOVE how this one turned out.  People often ask "what is IDI's style?".  I would say that this look comes very close to it - minimal, clean simplicity that showcases an eclectic mix of pieces and LOTS of vintage finds.  Niya would probably say it needs more color, but we both agree that all the textures gives this kitchen and mudroom great personality.
We had these vintage metal chairs for awhile and so decided to pair them with this reclaimed West Elm table.  The fabric was a recent find.  The light fixture is also an antique.
The pair of Eames chairs (background) keeps the space light while balancing color and contrast.
A pop of red and a ton of art makes this muddy mud-room a treat to walk through, The glass door was added to further winterize the house while the antique handle was refinished to add some character.
The brick chimney with it's multiple paint layers brings some color into the space while the old church pew completes the seating arrangement.
More images can be found here.  Let us know if you like it as much as we do!



  1. Definitely has "Brooklyn chic" written all over it! The stainless hood against the exposed brick is very cool. Is there a cabinet/work surface to the left of the stove?

    1. Hey Jeff, I like that...Brooklyn chic!

      There is a work surface to the left of the stove. We created a more functional work surface to the left of the sink by using the hanging dish rack.


  2. I love the spacial minimalist feel that is combined with all those rustic accents - and it's quite different from other works you've shared I think. it's balanced and beautiful like ALL your work but sooooo simple; a clearly new POV to your aesthetic portfolio. On a real personal note - this kitchen has an easy 'i-could-live-here' vibe - i love spaces like this. plus of course i couldn't help but notice the medium format cam (yashica? rollei?) placed on the breakfront. :)

  3. I do like; is it that sunny or is the light artificial?

  4. Thanks Tanya! We fully underscore your sentiment :)

    Sebiart - definitely a departure from our existing portfolio but this reflects our personal style to a tee. The work in our portfolio reflects our clients personality and desires and our interpretation of that. Glad you like it all!

    Re: the light - it is all natural.

  5. Love. Modern but warm. The church pew is a really nice touch.