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Danke Germany! Part 3: More Berlin

Loved the palette of this café.
At the memorial, a section of a sculptural model of Berlin showing the dividing wall.
So I am guilty of being a shopping tourist.  Drop me in a city filled with beautiful boutiques, cute markets and cafés and I sort of lose my mind.  Sight-seeing what???  Well thanks to a niggling conscience buried deep down, I did get in a bit of that…quite possibly the most important site of all. You really can't go to Germany, let alone Berlin and not experience the sobering yet beautiful memorial dedicated to the dividing wall and what was once East vs. West Germany.  With mixed emotions, my travel buddies and I made it through the coldest day of our trip deep in thought and contemplation over one of the most recent and interesting historical moments of our time.

Furthermore, there was a lot of construction to "see".  Two cranes on most empty lots signaling the arrival of new residential complexes.  Again, another parallel to Brooklyn, however, I definitely liked the consistency of the modern architecture popping up over there.  Visually fitting into the cityscape, merging old with new in a seemingly flawless way.  I wonder what properties cost over there...
The minimalist outdoor displays highlighting moments related to the history of the wall.
What looks like metal pavers actually are markers indicating where underground tunnels existed.  
Loving these framed windows, a very modern take on the bay window.

Some of my favourite building materials: wood, exposed concrete and glass.
The museum in the back.
The reconciliation sculpture
A section of what's left of the inner wall
A restaurant inside a bus! Taking the food truck to the next level.
Corinthian-esque columns supporting the coffered ceiling of this tunnel.
 All in all, a great 10 days was spent in Germany.  Where have you travelled to lately?



Danke Germany! Part 2 Berlin

Le sigh.  What can I say?  Berlin is truly all of that plus a bag of chips. The style, the art, the people, the energy, the markets, the shopping, the ivy, the food...and ALL that.  It has the energy of Brooklyn but with an edge of progressiveness that is inspiring.  We stayed in Mitte and ventured into several other interesting sections of the city.  Unfortunately no one gave me a heads up about Kreuzberg prior to.  So just like Bahia in Brazil, I now have a great reason to go back.  Yep, I will cosign the "I would live there" petition being passed around by many of my artist friends.  And to think I had zero expectations of Germany.  Berlin, we shall meet again.

As if this wasn't enough, I'll post more inspiration images and our Berlin wall memorial experience in the next post.


P.S. - to my football fanatic friends, we happened to be there at the same time as the DFB finals between Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund.  Would've been great to have caught a match.  Alas.


Danke Germany! Part 1 Hansgrohe

Danke Germany...or should I say thanks Hansgrohe!  A couple of weeks ago I spent 10 days in Germany primarily for work purposes.  However, work was what it felt least like, as our trip turned into non-stop pleasure.  Thanks to the awesome team at Hansgrohe, I spent 5 days in the German country side and Black Forest, learning about amazing German efficiency and environmental consciousness through the eyes of the world famous plumbing brand, Hansgrohe.  Their products have always been exceptionally beautiful to us but unearthing the spirit of the brand and its visionary leaders, Hans and Klaus, have only underscored why we will continue to specify their products whenever we can.  What could've been days of tedious brand over exposure became a family affair of bonding with the awesome US team, the other invitees and truly seeing the human side of a brand.  Between castle tours, excessive gummy bear eating, shower world, a day trip to Strassbourg, France and zip lining through the Black Forest, we learned about the Grohe family's unrelenting commitment to innovation, their community in Schiltach and the conservation of their environment.  If only more manufacturers could do the same.  Thanks to Jen, Bill, Jade and Danielle for allowing me to experience the human side of this company.

Trip Highlights:

Zip line gang.  Trip mates minus 1
One of many castles in the German country side.

Just a small glimpse at the Black Forest
Picturesque town of Schiltach, home of Hansgrohe
One day shopping excursion to Strassbourg, France 

Berlin highlights in the next post.