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Danke Germany! Part 1 Hansgrohe

Danke Germany...or should I say thanks Hansgrohe!  A couple of weeks ago I spent 10 days in Germany primarily for work purposes.  However, work was what it felt least like, as our trip turned into non-stop pleasure.  Thanks to the awesome team at Hansgrohe, I spent 5 days in the German country side and Black Forest, learning about amazing German efficiency and environmental consciousness through the eyes of the world famous plumbing brand, Hansgrohe.  Their products have always been exceptionally beautiful to us but unearthing the spirit of the brand and its visionary leaders, Hans and Klaus, have only underscored why we will continue to specify their products whenever we can.  What could've been days of tedious brand over exposure became a family affair of bonding with the awesome US team, the other invitees and truly seeing the human side of a brand.  Between castle tours, excessive gummy bear eating, shower world, a day trip to Strassbourg, France and zip lining through the Black Forest, we learned about the Grohe family's unrelenting commitment to innovation, their community in Schiltach and the conservation of their environment.  If only more manufacturers could do the same.  Thanks to Jen, Bill, Jade and Danielle for allowing me to experience the human side of this company.

Trip Highlights:

Zip line gang.  Trip mates minus 1
One of many castles in the German country side.

Just a small glimpse at the Black Forest
Picturesque town of Schiltach, home of Hansgrohe
One day shopping excursion to Strassbourg, France 

Berlin highlights in the next post.


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